Bye 2017, You Have Been Amazing

Hi my loves!

I didn't know if I would write in English or Spanish, but this year we have grown so much and you are from all around the world, so now everybody can read it <3 

First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU, we have created an amazing community, sharing love, compassion, helping each other... That's amazing guys. And I have to say that I have learned so much from you, your comments, your support... Pure love and kindness. You have  dedicated your time to read me and see me. Thank you again.

This year that we left behind, has been the most amazing of my life.

  • I have grown SO MUCH internally, so so much.
  • I have reached TRUE Happiness, although I have gone through very sad and hard moments.
  • I have left behind people that did not bring anything good to my life.
  • I have been able to work a lot to pay my studies and help my mum.
  • I have been able to travel all over the world and have gone for the first time to Africa, Asia and North America with my love Biel, my family and amazing friends.
  • I have fulfilled many of my dreams I had from the year before.
  • I have met my little girl Chispita that whether you believed or not, she teaches me to love unconditionally every day.
  • I have become aware of what's happening with our Planet Earth and been able to take care of it as much as I could and share it with you.
  • I have met amazing inspiring people from all over the world and grow as a person.
  • ETC...

I could be here writing for hours.

But the most important thing is that I live under a roof, I have running water, I can eat every day, I am warm in winter, I have clothes to wear, I have good health and most of my family too, I am able to walk, run, see, hear, etc... DON'T FORGET THAT.

Finally, what I want for this 2018... This is what WE need, as part of the Human Race:

  • More love and less hate.
  • More compassion and kindness, to all living beings. You know what I mean.
  • More awareness on what's happening with our home, we are throwing billions of tons of plastic out there, we are killing billions of animals, we are deforesting every day thousands of hectares... MOTHER EARTH needs us!
  • Helping each other as much as we can, without expecting anything in return. Try it.
  • PEACE. 2017 has been a year full of terrorist attacks, wars, shootings, bombs... We live in a tiny bubble and we really don't know that in a few more kilometers beyond, people is having a really hard time. We really don't know it.
  • ...

THANK YOU for reading this. I could be here writing for hours too.

I just want to tell you that for this next year, I hope you follow and achieve your dreams, travel as much as you can, discover and learn new things and spread love!